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Velvet Caravan

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If one were to name one Savannah-based musical act that most exemplifies this time-honored, eclectic and adventurous city, they'd be hard to find a more appropriate ambassador than Velvet Caravan. This unorthodox, high-energy, acoustic-based quintet of guitar, violin, standup bass, percussion and keyboards (including accordion) has, over the past few years, emerged as one of the shining lights of Savannah's burgeoning music scene. In that time, the band has grown from a somewhat informal instrumental combo which routinely drew enthusiastic and loyal followers at raucous restaurant and bar gigs to a respected and admired touring act that's as comfortable in an attentive listening room or large concert hall as they are in a crowded nightclub. "Gypsy Jazz is the root of our sound and style, but we are far from being a traditional band in that genre," explains the group's co-founder, classically trained violinist Ricardo Ochoa. Keyboardist Jared Hall concurs with Ochoa that a mixture of influences and styles was at first unintentional, but adds that once the band members (which also include bassist Eric Dunn, guitarist Sasha Strunjas and percussionist Jesse Monkman) realized the creative potential of their partnership, "it soon became intentional." At present, the band is actively booking all manner of engagements far from their home-base of Savannah, Ga. - from nightclub residencies to listening room one-nighters to featured guest appearances with small orchestras and full-sized philharmonic symphonies. "Our ability to adapt to pretty much any situation while staying completely professional sets us apart from the others," says Dunn. "Our ultimate goal is to be a creative, successful and ever-evolving band that makes great music and puts on one hell of a show."
Venue:  Madden Theatre
Pricing:  $35, $30
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Event Date:

Sunday, March 1, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:15pm